President’s Message

The motto of HISAKADO CO., LTD. is “Adding values”, and our policy is to customer satisfaction first, as well as employee’s happiness.

Our aim is to become most reliable and innovative supplier of the industrial products to contribute to the future development of the customers.

Sincerely yours,

Representative Director, Chairman, President & CEO


History of Hisakado Group


Hisakado started its business as the valve Manufacturing and Distribution Company by Mr. Iwataro and Ryutaro Hisakado, parent and child in 1925.

The most operations were destroyed in Great Osaka air raids during World War II in 1945 however, Ryutaro Hisakado made a successful come back to the valve business in 1949.

Toshio Hisakado, son of Ryutaro succeeded the company operation in 1957. The company made a marvelous growth during his period to meet the increasing demand of the products during the era of high speed economic growth in Japan in 60’s-70’s. The company expanded its sales and service network throughout Japan with 11 locations.

Tatsuaki Hisakado, the fourth generation of Iwataro succeeded Toshio’s position in 2005. He set up Hisakado Vietnam office in 2011 as part of Hisakado global expansion initiative, to better serve to the customers in Vietnam and South East Asian region. His challenges keeps going on and on….

During 97 years operation, Hisakado has grown and been reputed as most reliable “Valve solution provider” with “Single Source” responsibility.