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Solid State Electronic

Place of Origin: Japan

Payment Terms:
L/C, T/T(Bank Transfer)

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Principal uses Control
Power Drive motor AC reversible motor
Power supply Single phase AC100/110V 50/60Hz (+/-5%)
Power supply - Optional Single phase AC200/220V 50/60Hz (+/-5%)
Motor rating 30 minutes
Control mechanism Input signal 4 to 20mA DC or 1 to 5V DC
Opening signal transmission 4 to 20mA DC
Resolution 0.5 to 1.0% (1/200 to 1/100)
Resolution Optional 0.3% (1/300)
Zero adjust range +/-25%
Span adjust range 20 to 100%
Operation Either forward operation or reverse operation can be selected
Save function ON/OFF selection by select switch
Ancillary mechanism Control position detection - Optional Auxiliary limit switch (voltfree), maximum points of detection 2 places
Manual operation mechanism With handle insertion hole
Overload protection With built-in thermal protector, Torque switch (3620R is an option)
Space heater - Optional * Please contact us for details, as this matter depends on the power supply voltage.
Conditions for installation Ambient temperature -10 to 50°
Ambient temperature - With space heater -20 to 40°
Mounting position Should not be mounted in an inverted position from the maintenance face.
Body portion External sheath type Protection class IP55 or equivalent
Wiring port - Optional Various adaptors can be mounted,Terminal box
Wiring port G1/2 (2 places)
Installation seat Conforms to ISO