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Corporate History
Sepember,1925 Iwataro Hisakado founded "Hisakado Alloy Mfg.Co.,Ltd." at Kamishio-cho,Tennouji-ku,Osaka and commenced to produce valves and cocks.
August,1930 Moved all factories and facilities to 4-bancho, Awaza,Nishi-ku,Osaka.
December,1935 Ryutaro Hisakado took over business.
March,1945 Lost all factories and facilities by World War II.
September,1946 Restarted business in the north street.
December,1949 Established holding company.
November,1950 Awarded sole agency in Kansai area from Nippon Bend Co.,Ltd.
March,1951 Awarded agency from Hitachi Metals,Ltd.
May,1962 Toshio Hisakado inaugurated as president.
January,1964 Established trading department.
December,1964 Capital increased to 9 million yen.
August,1968 Inaugurated new office to the present address 3-chome, Itachibori, Osaka.
October,1968 Established Tokyo sales office.
June,1970 Awarded agency from Kitamura Valve Mfg.Co.,Ltd.and Wada Valve Corporation.
Sepember,1970 Capital increased to 13.5 million yen.
March,1971 Established Sapporo sales office.
November,1972 Awarded agency from KITZ CORPORATION.
Sepember,1974 Capital increased to 27 million yen.
July,1975 Established Kyushu sales office.
March,1978 Awarded agency from Tomoe Valve Co.,Ltd.
Awarded agency from Fujikin Incorporated.
July,1980 Established Nagoya sales office.
July,1981 Established Hyogo sales office.
July,1989 Promoted Nagoya sales office to branch office.
Sepember,1991 Capital increased to 54 million yen.
August,1992 Established distribution center ”HISAKADO SC”.
March,1998 Established Yokkaichi sales office.
July 2002 Established Hokuriku Satellite office
January, 2005 Established Hisakado Overseas Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
April, 2005 Established Kashima satellite office
September, 2005 Tasuaki Hisakado inaugurated as Representative Director
June, 2006 Established Thailan Liason Office
August, 2007 Established Chugoku satellite office
September, 2007 Established Mizushima satelltile office
September, 2008 Capital increased to 72.75 million Japanese yen
Oct, 2011 Established Ho Chi Minh Representative Office